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I was going to sleep and waking up to his messages daily.

He was clearly getting ready to get married, a fact he failed to mention to me not that I can claim any innocence.

We’d randomly started following each other on the network, discovered we shared the same sense of humour that led to exchange of banter ( in public / on posts).

By the end of July he’d started sending me private messages that were very basic at first but quickly graduated to flirting The messages were flattering but uncomfortable, I am married and had had a relationship with a public figure in the past and hated what comes with it so this wasn’t the route I wanted to take even if I was single.

He also said that he wanted to succeed politically and had kids with Noma and it wouldn’t be the right image for him to have the record of an ugly divorce and then a baby mama who in his own words basically cornered him into marrying her.

He claimed she had lots on him that wouldn’t paint the right picture and more importantly First Noma drama The communication continued / grew all through September into October, again daily and multiple times a day.

I was on a girls’ getaway with my friends in Mexico so him and I couldn’t actually speak on the phone ( which had began just about two days or so before my trip).

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