Accommodating respectful religious expression in the workplace

Attempt to situate yourself in the historical era that provided a framework for the life of these young men who founded the Conferences.If Frederic was the primary mover of this group of founders, Sister María Theresa has left open for us a very wide area in which to place the action of the Spirit in an ecclesial group which in that era was quite unusual.Several centuries before, Saint Vincent de Paul burst forth on the scene of the Church and caused a profound commotion.

In 1988 John Paul II published his Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, Christifideles Laici which constituted a new impulse for the laity in the Church and once again made known the Council’s concern for this branch of the ecclesial tree, the laity.

This study about the life and work of Frederic Ozanam, written by Sister María Teresa Candelas, D. can be inserted into this current of revitalization that examines the contributions of the laity.

Viewing the last three centuries of the Church’s history which are of interest to us in presenting this important text of Sister María Teresa Candelas, D.

C., Province of Saint Louise de Marillac Presentation by José Ramon Diaz-Torremocha, VIII President of the Vincent de Paul Society, Spain Jesus said to them again: Peace be with you. During the Church’s lengthy and fruitful history of service to people and their salvation (salvation being understood as whole and complete and not merely spiritual), she has extended this command of Jesus (mentioned at the beginning), but not always in the same way.

Today, as the world continues to move forward and collaborate in the plan of salvation history, it becomes necessary to present non-consecrated individuals, gifted men and women who are able to commit themselves and contribute to this wonderful mission, experiencing the mission as their own, making this mission their mission and carrying out this mission in a communion of prayer and action with their pastors.