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Eventually, there’s a performance issue and Dave’s gone.

If Dave had cancer or diabetes, or was having terrible migraines, we’d be bending over backward to help him.

We are thinking of going back to NO this summer for the Satchmo Festival (been 3 times) and would like to find a hotel/B&B which has multi bed rooms, or two queens and a foldout...something to that affect.

While working for an online educational company in the Washington, D.

Popular movies and news coverage of violence committed by people with mental illness help perpetuate negative stereotypes.

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    Dating websites are by no means a new concept, but there have been many advances.

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    The Morgan Rest Area was at that time one of 36 rest areas in the state.

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    These new units can do everything your old 430 could and a whole lot more.

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    Julia Roberts stars as a jaded New York divorcee traveling the world to seek... | Newser Last night, Jon Stewart set his sights on the GOP and the scary, scary deficit.