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As for now, Marroquin is focused on remaining amicable with his ex-wife.

As for child and spousal support, Marroquin revealed that he will not be paying Lowry, 24, “right now.” “We’re good with that,” he said of their current agreement. Nothing serious just having fun with whoever I come across.” Although Marroquin has had flings with friend Nancy Gisell and a mystery woman, he explained how he hasn’t found “the one” after his ex-wife.

“Everything is moving forward.” But just because Marroquin isn’t officially a single man doesn’t mean he’s not dating! “I’m not ready, nor am I in a position to have anything serious,” he said.

If you are not sure you want a divorce, we will sometimes recommend counseling services to see if the marital problems can be worked out. Most actions for divorce in the State of Kansas are filed on the ground called Incompatibility.

In filing the divorce action, the Petition need only state that the parties are incompatible.

If the opposition is unhappy with the temporary order the Court will schedule a hearing rapidly to re-visit temporary issues, but this requires action and expense on the part of the party seeking a change of the temporary order. Is it possible for one attorney to handle our entire divorce? If the two of you agree on all of the issues, you can have your attorney prepare the pleadings and handle matters with the Court. You are entitled to a hearing on the temporary orders that are issued when a divorce is filed. Kansas law provides that visitation may be granted for grandparents and also for former stepparents. As long as you have logical reasons for varying, and it is clear that the children will be financially provided for under your plan, our courts will usually allow you to deviate from the guidelines and approve your agreement. The Court can vary from the presumption based upon such things as long distance visitation costs, income tax considerations and the overall financial condition of the parties. It is often helpful in divorce and child custody matters as well as other civil disputes. There are also other factors that point to the need for a review, such as changes in residence or custody, special needs, or long distance visitation costs. My husband and I are contemplating a divorce, and we can't agree on who the children will live with. If you still cannot reach agreement, the Court will require that an investigation be done by court personnel. Also, please dont rely on this information as your predominant or final source of information.