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If you stand in one corner you can hear the softest whisper of someone standing in the opposite corner, no matter how loud the chatter of the bustling crowds around you. More secrets of Grand Central Credit: Ryan Healy via Flickr (CC BY-SA) Theater 80 was opened in 1971 by former actor Howard Otway as a movie house showing films from the 1930s-1950s, Hollywood's Golden Era.

To celebrate the theater's opening, Otway invited a clutch of movie stars to a glamorous party and asked them to leave their hand prints and signatures in the cement of the sidewalk outside, just as they do on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame.

Please feel free to pimp away..beg all fans to come and participate.

Camp Grrl (@NYU) is an All Square club dedicated to creating a "safe space" for queer women to gather.

Join our Org Sync by searching for Camp Grrl All-Square on or emailing us at campgrrl.club[at]