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All of these things led me to forming close relationships with various women I’ve encountered over the years.

I fully understand why a close female friend might be an issue for some of my love interests.

I want to be as open and honest about the relationship as possible — both because it’s the right thing to do and to prove I have nothing to hide.

' Aaron Samuels), Matt Dallas came out via Twitter last night. Blue retweeted his fiancé's photo and message on his Twitter account: Congratulations to both Matt and Blue!

It’s easy to be friends with someone of the opposite sex for me and I think it is for most individuals if they are able to get beyond the limiting societal expectations of male/female relationships.

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    There is the option for dating/relationship matches or just friendship matches.

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    If your clothing makes you feel good, confident, and above all suits the date you're on, then it will help you have a good time.

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